• Hang Gliding

    Hang Gliding

    Hang Gliding uses a Delta shaped wing made of aircraft-grade material. The pilot lays in a harness under the wing. Foot launched freedom!
  • Microlights


    Microlights use a heavier and stronger delta wing, and an open cockpit for pilot and passenger. It's open cockpit flying in Style!
  • Powered Paragliding

    Powered Paragliding

    Powered paragliding ( Paramotoring) is where the pilot wears a motor unit on his back and uses a paraglider type wing. Low, slow, maximum fun flying!
  • Paragliding


    Paragliding uses an efficient parachute type wing. The pilot sits in a paragliding harness. All the pilot's equipment can be packed into a small rucksack. You can take your paraglider with you on overseas travel! .



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Getting started

Getting started
  1. 1
    Book a trial instructional flight
    Use the HGFA schools directory to find a HGFA Approved school near you
  2. 2
    Go Flying
    You can go for a flight with an instructor
  3. 3
    Book into a course
    Courses are available most of the year
  4. 4
    What could be better?

Check out the Clubs directory and see if there’s a club near you.



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